Compelled by Compassion

At The Russo Firm we believe that providing quality legal services is just one of our obligations to our client. We are committed to helping our clients beyond the traditional legal scope of services. We understand that during such a difficult time clients and their families need much more than an attorney, they need compassionate and professional individuals ready to help them throughout the journey to recovery.

Our mission is to help our clients not only recover monetary compensation for their injury but to regain their life back, one step at a time. Our unique legal model consists of an experienced care management team to help our families navigate the complex system of care during this trying time. 

Our Care Managers, who are highly credentialed social workers and nurses, assist families in understanding the medical implications of their injury and accessing the resources available to them on their road to recovery. They act as the liaison between our law firm, our clients and their families, and healthcare providers. Whether it is completing insurance documents, arranging for appointments with specialists, obtaining reports, finding a rehabilitation center or specialist or preparing you for legal proceedings, you can count on us for comprehensive assistance every step of the way.

At The Russo Firm we also employ our own investigative team, ready to act on your behalf immediately preceding your accident. Our investigative team is experienced in evidence collection, accident reconstruction and witness testimony. Our attorneys work side by side with our care management team, and our investigative team, to help resolve your legal case as well as provide the support needed in your loved ones recovery. Our firm’s deep roots within the community, our large network and multiple collaborations enable us to provide our clients with a large network of resources that may be instrumental in their recovery.

Meet our Care Management Team